Temporary Thrift Donation Policy

The Jonnycake Thrift Store is offering limited, pre-scheduled, no-contact donation drop off appointments.

As you are donating to an essential organization, you will not be violating any Stay At Home regulations. We strongly encourage everyone to practice good social distancing precautions when visiting the Center. If possible, we suggest that you wait until the crisis is over to make your donations. However, if your need is more immediate, we recommend that you book a donation appointment at a time when you are already planning to be out of the house for essential services.


Donation Policy for Donors for No-Contact Donations


  • Before you begin the donation process, please familiarize yourself with the Thrift Store’s general requirements (available at jonnycake.org/donate) for what we can and cannot accept.
  • Email ThriftDonations@jonnycake.org to reserve a 20 minute donation slot. Available time slots are:
    • Tuesdays: 11am to 3pm
    • Wednesdays: 9am to 1pm
    • Thursdays: 11am to 3pm
    • Fridays: 9am to 1pm
    • Saturdays: 9am to 1pm
  • Pre-approved furniture donations will be scheduled for Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings, and Saturday afternoons.
  • Email ThriftDonations@jonnycake.org with your name, a description of the furniture you’d like to donate, and a photo. Staff will confirm via email if we can accept the donation, and if so, to arrange the dropoff.
  • Limited appointments are available for furniture pickups via the Jonnycake truck. Please email ThriftDonations@jonnycake.org and use the subject line “Furniture pickup” to request a timeslot.
    • At this time, staff are refraining from entering domiciles for pickups. All furniture for the truck must be made available outside your residence.
  • Provide your name in the email, as well a brief description of what you are planning on donating (e.g. dishes, sheets, men’s clothes, etc.) and your desired drop-off time and we will respond within 24 hours, Monday through Friday, to confirm or adjust your appointment. We cannot accept same-day donation requests at this time.
  • Arrive at the beginning of your allotted time.
  • Empty your CLEAN, dry, unbroken, complete, salable items into provided tubs outside the Center.
  • If you have questions or need a receipt, please ring the bell and then step back to the bottom of the steps and someone will be with you in a moment.
  • When you have completed your donation, please ring the bell to let us know you are done and then exit so the next donor can drop-off safely.


  • To practice social distancing, protect our staff, clients, and donors, there will be no contact during drop offs. This means that we cannot assist with unloading cars.
  • Please check our list to see which items we can and cannot accept. It is more important than ever that we keep our costs in check so please adhere to our donation requirements to help us reduce waste.
  • At this time we CANNOT accept TOYS.
  • We will NOT be able to accept food donations on the Pantry’s behalf. All Food Donations must be arranged with the Pantry directly. Please email FoodDonations@jonnycake.org and use the subject line “Food donation” to reserve a food dropoff time.